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Web Client - Print Note to PDF Problem

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I am using Evernote Web on my Windows 10 laptop (64 bit) and the Edge browser. I often share my notes with others by printing the note to a PDF file. For short notes (1-2 pages), this works fine, but for longer notes, the content is truncated starting on the second page. Microsoft Print to PDF, Cute PDF printer, etc., do not work. Changing to the Chrome browser gives the same result.
What works is opening the same note using the legacy Evernote app and printing the note using the "Print to pdf" menu selection.
I'd like to be able to print to pdf from the web browser. Do you have a verified solution?
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@Dick M Thank you for reaching out and for letting me know!

Can you send a screenshot of what the truncated content looks like in the preview?

I want to make sure I'm understanding the issue properly.

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+1 on this problem.  EN should be able to handle this - as every modern word processing software has this functionality since 1992.  Furthermore, users shouldn't have to "Print to PDF" they should be able to export  to PDF from EN via all clients.   Bonus points for being able to do this from mobile applications and "send pdf" to an app on the phone (like local email client, drive, messenger app, etc).



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