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How to set set default application to open Evernote message links

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I'm using Evernote (10.8.4) note links to paste in my Todoist tasks (= copy app link).  So when reviewing tasks, I can find corresponding notes immediately.

Except when clicking this link, I always get a windowed message asking me to choose the appropriate app for this.  When choosing Evernote, the link works perfectly.

This is kind of strange, as the link clearly mentions 'evernote' like so: "evernote:///view/10896105/s96/3bfa139b-655a-4719..."

What can I do so that my Mac opens the link in Evernote without asking me for an application?

I know this is not really an Evernote issue rather than a Mac issue, but I'm guessing some Evernote users should have a solution for this🙂

Thanx for your help.

Screenshot 2021-02-21 at 07.54.22.jpg

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