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Images fail to render properly when copied/pasted from some applications

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Images fail to render properly when copied/pasted from some applications, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Word..., even from this Evernote Forum!  What's displayed instead is a spinning blue wheel (e.g. when copied from MS apps) or an "Untitled Attachment" (e.g. when copied from this forum) directly to an Evernote note.
However, first saving a picture then copying/pasting or dragging and dropping from file explorer to a note works as expected.
I often need only save a key portion of an email or document, and copying/pasting to a note has been a convenient/trusted function for years - until upgrading to the "New Evernote" [v10].
I'm seeing progress with other issues resolved and previous functions restored. I'd love for this to be restored as well.
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4 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Do screenshots work as an option?

Yeah, that's one thing I've been doing as a workaround.  More steps to the workflow than should be necessary though - it adds up. 

This isn't a deal breaker, just another of many frustrations with v10.  I'd call this a bug, or at least a miss, vs "one of a handful of features we [Evernote] are still considering," as seems to be the form-letter response from Evernote now. 

Just trying to do my part in making these discoveries known so others can chime in and Evernote can (hopefully) reconcile.

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