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Sorting- date wise (in ascending order) not available in new version- Please resolve!

Guest Sumit Kohli

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Guest Sumit Kohli

In the new version, I can't sort date wise (in ascending order). As it used to happen, by default, in the earlier version. The new version is not allowing this sorting- date wise (in ascending order). This has led to complete change in my notes, or do to list, and I am in total mess! Please resolve this immediately, under intimation. 

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Absolutely disappointed.  For minor buggy behaviours, I could tolerate.

However, I cannot sort my reminders according to deadlines which render Evernote for Android uselss for me.  

Furthermore, eye candies are lovely but shall not compromise the functionanlity - PLEASE BRING BACK the old reminder list showing the caption and reminder date and time on the same line.   Evernote is supposed to increase productivy !

A 12 years user.

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I of course am having the same sorting issue. If I can't sort my reminders in ascending order the program is virtually useless. I am left to scroll endlessly in order to get to what matters most. 

This should be a simple fix. Please help ASAP!!!


A 8 year user

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+1 to each of these comments. Reminders are only valuable if I can see the nearest due dates.

Absolutely awful that something so basic would be left out of a task app.

Please resolve, because as of now I'm switching to Google Keep.

5 Star review, until today. Now 1 Star review.

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