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Data lost when saving PDF annotation changes

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I was just doing some work where I had a single note open in 2 different windows. In one window, I was updating text in the note and, in the other window, I was annotating a PDF attached to the same note. When I closed the annotation window, the attachment was saved correctly, but all the text in the note reverted to what it had been when I had opened the annotation session.

It's almost as if the window with the annotations carried along the entire state of the note when it was opened and, when the annotations were saved, it overwrote the rest of the note with that original state.

Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the previous version of the note to get the textual changes.

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Glad you were able to recover the changes you made; would have been very frustrating otherwise. Suggest you consider logging a support ticket to ensure this is on EN's radar. 

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