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10.8.5 tag improvements are a great start!…and…



The tag improvements are a great help; thank you!


For those of us who are hardcore tag users with hundreds (I think) of tags, who apply four or five tags to nearly every note, the multi-column Tag Editor is still sorely missed. I used it in both the Alpha and the Note Count views, which made it easy to spot mistyped tags or tags that proved to be unhelpful. The single-column flyout is good for maybe a hundred tags, but it bogs down for heavy users. I'll make do with it, but even on a Retina 27 inch screen it's hard to consolidate tags in this view.

So my request: please restore the full Tag Editor view in a future release.


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I wholly and totally support what you said! I have thousands of tags and in the older versions of Evernote I wasn't able to use the multi-column editor. The issue was that I had too many tags and it just wouldn't open. Very, very, very, very frustrating. I have been a Premium user for many years and left Evernote for a long time and went to another app. I am back to Evernote on a very limited basis. 

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