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Easy way to find linking pages (or: bidirectional page linking)



I really like the internal links feature - being able to link notes together is crucial. But often it would be helpful to trace those app links backwards to their source.

For example, I might have a page for each project and a page for each customer. I might then make links on the customer pages to link to each of their projects. When I go to the project page, I would like to be able to see a pop-up menu, or sidebar, or something, that shows me links *back* to the pages that link to the current page. Many Wikis have this 'link traceback' feature and it's incredibly useful, because it more closely represents how we think about things. Sometimes I might think of a customer and want to check on one of their projects; but sometimes I'm adding adding notes to a project when I remember something the customer said and i want to add it to their page -- would be nice if I could follow that link backwards (rather than manually having to maintain separate links in each direction.)

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I agree. This is one of the features that make Roam, Notion oder The Brain so seducing. But it actually should have been Evernote that first launchend bi-directional linking because this is the way a second brain has to work. It would be also helpful, while working on a note, to create an embedded link to an already existing note realated to a given keyword in the text I'm working on. Let's say I'm writing a film review and it would be possible to mark the director's name within the text and search for other evernotes related to him, e.g. reviews of other films of his I've already written about.

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