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How to insert picture/image in the middle of a textline ?

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Every time I insert an image with Copy/paste in the middle of a text line, the text is split and I do not have the option to no make these brack in the line. See the picture


What is the solution ?

Evernote forum opbrydning af tekst.jpg

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On 2/19/2021 at 4:16 AM, stonefox said:

How to insert picture/image in the middle of a textline ? ... the text is split

As you found out, you now have three objects text1, image, text2   
and Evernote displays the objects on separate lines

You could use a different medium   
For example, a MS Word document does a better job mixing text and images    
The word document would be stored in Evernote as a note attachment file

Using the Evernote medium, you can use a table and cells to layout the text/image objects into a single line

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