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I posted report about issues with iOS with screenshots and the post and now I don't have access see screenshots. What's going on here?

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I posted report about issues with iOS with screenshots and the post was deleted and I don't have access anymore, it seems it's blocked. I don't have even access to the post anymore. I tried different browsers, different accounts even from different network. 

A few month earlier I posted about a different incident where I was coming from Google Search and I wasn't allowed to view Evernote forum public post without first login into Evernote forum.

Seems Evernote drowning under stockpile of unresolved self-inflicted problems. 

Here are screenshots of my own post where I talk about the issues and I can't access anymore. I am able to access all of my other posts I have done on Evernote (going from my profile) but not this one. 

Evernote team doesn't like my tone?

Yes, you guess, I am impatient when this madness with Evernote is going to stop. 




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Hi.  This Forum is largely moderated and supported by other users,  so unless you were particularly rude to one of my colleagues in a prior post I don't know why you would have been zapped.  We're generally pretty broad-minded and you're not the first person to have complained about the situation with iOS.  However Evernote have explained that due to the restrictions imposed by Apple they're not allowed to have two versions of their software on offer,  and AFAIK as an Apple user,  you can't find and install an 'old' version of the app,  because Apple don't permit that either.  What you see is what you got,  unless and until remaining issues are corrected in updates.

From other users comments,  the latest iOS version is more usable than previously - do you have any specific issues to air?


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I wasn't rude at all, what I did is take screenshots of all the issues I had with regard to Evernote not loading notes or other errors, including a message telling me to "try again later".  Maybe somebody didn't like the fact I made EN look bad just by reporting on things that do not work.  I didn't keep a copy of the screenshots. Since last week it has been stable but when the issues come it's when one is in hurry most.

What I noticed also another issue I didn't report is before the last version is notes in shared notebooks didn't load sometimes. The issue with very slow loading notes even very small notes with a few words still remains. I guess I need to buy the latest hardware if I don't like it. 

I can reproduce errors all the time. Just clicking on the devices in Evernote menu gives another error message see attached. That is something I can't fix for them, it's part of the configuration and not a note.

I am pretty passive happy camper and always happy with the basics. So if the basics don't work my fur gets ruffled right away. Just give me fast basic notes. I value Evernote for search capabilities is close to none. I looked at several other alternatives but nothing would satisfy. I don't care about all those chotchkies that Evernote is trying to give us.

I added more screenshots in the post that was deleted for mysterious reasons..  So unless I was high smoking something I didn't noticed I deleted it while falling on the keyboard asleep, I don't know why it would be deleted.


Thanks for your commitment and contributions.


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In general this isn’t the place to post a series of screenshots full of bugs - it simply makes no sense and makes the posts in the forum hard to read for others. Your screenshot is a perfect example: No value, and 2/3 of it is grey space that could easily be avoided.

When posting screenshots, it should be about solutions or workarounds that may help other users.

P.S. No, I did not see neither see nor touch your screenshot posts.

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9 hours ago, itoldusoandso said:

Maybe somebody didn't like the fact I made EN look bad just by reporting on things that do not work.

I think most of the Forums would be blank if that were the case!  😅

The iOS app is up to 10.4 or .5 I believe and Evernote are adding features (back) to it as an ongoing process,  so hopefully it will continue to improve...

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