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All notes erased upon downloading 10.5

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Upon Evernote automatically updating to 10.5 this morning, all of my notes have been erased. I followed the support steps to retrieve the notes, but to no avail. I'm logged in (user since 2017) properly...the interface is completely different than my last version so I'm not sure what version I did have.....


I'm sure this has happened to others....any advice is thoroughly appreciated.



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In my case, all data are still there, but all png and jpg can't be displayed and the note can't be sorted by reminder date anymore.   The on screen keybaord popup randomly, reminder date can't always be updated (really random) and the data arrangement is not suitable for a phone (webapp windows and mac are acceptable).

I also note that evernote webapp version is 10.8 and notes could be sorted by reminder dates and overall experience is much better.

The Evernote team should consider rolling out the same version in all platform, and do a thorough test before rolling out.  

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