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Fastest method to get a file stored on my PC into Evernote

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Hi there

I'm using Evernote on my PC and I am sure I used to be able to right click on a file in Windows Explorer to send it to Evernote.  This feature seems to be no longer there.

Am I missing something - is there a better way to get a file on my computer into an Evernote note?

Many thanks!

Evernote 10.8.4-win-ddl-public (2349)
Editor: v118.1.15148
Service: v1.28.1


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This is only possible in legacy version of Evernote. The new and improved version 10 doesn't have this option (for now). 
But when you grap the file en move it to the v10 client it will create a new note in the active notebook... sort of..

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There are probably several ways - 

  • As a subscriber you can create notes by email.  so just set up your Evernote email address in your email client as something like 'ENMail' and send the file there.
  • If you have a way to create a new note,   copy & paste or click & drag to drop the file in there
  • Dropping a file onto the Evernote icon on your desktop used to work - don't know if it still does...

Hopefully there will be more efficient options soon...

Find your Evernote email address

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