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Is Evernote able to make use of dual screen phones? Open the app in one screen, the keyboard in the other? (MS surface duo, LG Velvet, LG G8X, LG V60, ....)

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Hi, it would increase EN productivity enourmously, if one could have the EN app open in one screen of a dual screen phone, and comfortably type into it on a keyboard that is open in the other screen. This is fully supported by Android since a while, and several apps (mostly Google and Microsoft apps) do have this feature. The app developer needs to simply enable this feature. 

➞ Has anyone tried it if this works with EN on any dual screen phone? Before buying such a phone, I would love to hear some experiences....

Thanks a big lot!!


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Currently no 2 session windows on mobile. Not in split screen mode on the iPad, not on dual screen androids. The client simply is not up to it. Closest workaround (but still not really good to use) is to open the mobile client, and then in split / second screen the web client in a browser window. What does work is to use EN together with other apps in split screen mode.

Maybe one day we get the multi-session ability on mobile ... 

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thanks for your answer @PinkElephant ! - I understand one cannot have two EN windows on a dual screen (Android) phone. But can one have at least a single EN window in one physical screen of a dual screen phone, with the keyboard opening in the other screen?

(ps: what you mention, to have 2 EN sessions running in parallel, is my wish since many years using EN on Android!!! but I lost hope on the EN guys to get that done. And yes, the trick with opening a second EN session in a browser I used too for some time. But i would already be so glad if I could at least use more screen real estate by buying a dual screen phone and having the keyboard on the other screen, and see a big note in the first screen. it seems like dual screen phones are mostly used by teens and internetaddicts who must watch youtube videos on one screen while chatting on the other, etc. But I wish to get more work done, type faster, which is well possible if the keyboard is bigger, have space for a huge keyboard that has special signs used in all my languages immediately accessible, have scientific symbols, .... and see a lot of my always overlong EN notes :)

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The split screen feature of iOS is now more than 2 years old, if I remember correctly. And the EN client does still not support it.

One can argue if a dual screen phone is really a great idea. But on an iPad (or other tablet) you have the same or more screen size, and currently EN does not support 2 active sessions of the mobile client at once.

It would be great to be able to have a search open in one session, and a new note in another. At the moment not available, so you can have EN for the search, and then another note taking app (like Apple Notes or GoodNotes) for the writing.

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