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Add 'Copy Internal Link to Notebook' on the same basis we can link to individual notes



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My pitch here is that since we can easily copy note links inside the app,  it should also be possible to copy notebook links.  Embedding that link in a note or external document should produce a view of all the notes in a specific notebook in exactly the same way that clicking the notebook name from the Notebook view does.

I've seen the occasional request for a link to a notebook before.  My use case is now project-related.  I use software external to Evernote to prompt me when I need to check progress on my latest project - WD3* for example - and while I've experimented with using a 'control panel' for my project so I can link to a ToC note listing all my WD3 notes,  maintaining the ToC note is an extra task**.  If I could just link to a notebook containing all my WD3 notes,  then Evernote's existing lists would do the job.

I've played with various work-arounds,  and while command-line access is possible in Legacy,  and web access is available by simply copying the URL of a displayed notebook list,  grabbing the link with a native command would be easier,  quicker and more efficient.

Use or otherwise of the link is inherently optional - if the feature exists users will be able to access it if they wish.

* WD:  World Domination

** currently run by Filterize,  but that's another external third party app...

Vote top left please,  if you agree....

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37 minutes ago, gazumped said:

My pitch here is that since we can easily copy note links inside the app,  it should also be possible to copy notebook links. 

I understand note links; they use the note id  and retrieve the note element

We could get a notebook link; using the notebook id (and retrieve the notebook element)
however I think you're actually looking for a search link - all notes assigned with the notebook

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2 minutes ago, DTLow said:

I think you're actually looking for a search - all notes assigned with the notebook

I could accept a search - provided it would be accessible from a link somehow.  I'm thinking Google Calendar note to say "check WD3 progress" with a link to take me to the current situation.  I can actually do that with a web address in a browser which looks pretty much the same as the address of a note,  so I assume an ID is allocated.

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I'd like to be able to link to a notebook and put that link into a note. I have a note which acts as a dashboard to all my projects in progress, and I'd like to link to the project's notebook.

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