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First Impressions 10.8.4 for Mac

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I like the new look....the quicknote is great.  But I wonder if Starbucks has a hand in it.  It seems I have time to go to Starbucks while waiting for the program to open.  I don't want to say Evernote is slow, but I did finish War and Peace while waiting.

I do most of my work in the inbox and then move to the right notebook.  I had trouble dragging before and now I can do that.

Previously there was a move to the <> folder again.  I'd like to see that again.

Also if I am moving to a Notebook named "Essays and Writing," I used to type ess, then hit enter.  Now it takes more steps.


Question:  Most of the time Mac uses the term delete to remove something and every so often move to trash.  We get trained to delete a file.  I'd prefer EN to use delete.

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