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Add a keyboard shortcut for checkbox (not checklist)




In v6, the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + C added a checkbox.

Now it add a checklist.

I know it is possible to use the "Insert" button or the code [] but it isn't convenient. The first is slow and the second doesn't work well, for instance in a line start.




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2 hours ago, ChrisMags said:

A year later and still no shortcut? I use checkboxes much more often than checklists and would really benefit from a shortcut to drop a checkbox in the middle of typing. Come on Evernote

If your cursor is in a place which EN is happy to have a checkbox (ie not at the beginning of a line) the keyboard shortcut is []. That seems to me to be easier to type and remember than any other combination of keys that EN might choose to be a shortcut for checkbox.

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