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Is there a way yo change the opening screen?

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On elephant android, when I open the app, the first thing I see is "all notes" window as default. 

I wonder if I can change this because I'm not happy to see all notes together whenever I start the app. It's a useful page but not at first sight for me... I prefer to see a custom notebook I have. I appreciate your answers in advance.

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Hi, if you scroll through the forums you will see, this has been a veeeery long asked feature of the community. Evernote silently resisted on implementing such an option on Evernote legacy all the years...with Evernote 10 there are even less options..if it is useable at all. So I think there is little chance, we will ever see such - absolutely useful and on the other hand simple to integrate - option. 

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They in fact just changed it for Windows, Mac and web client: It now opens the new Home-view when you start the app.

Maybe something like this will come to mobile as well, although the smaller screen size probably makes it hard to implement.

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I used to be able to set a particular notebook as my default view when opening evernote in my phone, now its gone with the latest version. Now I get ALL NOTES as default view. Am i just missing a setting/configuration here? the way it is now, is quite irritating because now I have to take a couple more steps to see the notes that I have already organized so I can view them right away. :(

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I think @Efelantewas not asking for a new feature as Home - but for a simple option to choose which is the starting screen. I think they surely will bring the "Home"-view to Android. But this does not answer the request of free choice (e.g. favorite notebook, inbox, even a custom filter or search) for app startup. I can think of many use cases this would be useful. Especially now, as they don't make use of the Android widget capabilities any more which is extremely disappointing. All the years on EN <10 we could jump directly to a note or notebook on startup from the custom widgets - This could be a workaround for @Efelantefor the original request. So maybe downgrading to EN 8.13.3 and using customized widgets on Android homescreen could be the answer for now.

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