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Note created by somebody else via email

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I noticed a note created at 0315 with a title - Hello Evernote, content - Evernote <a bit.ly link>, <my first name>

On inspecting the info, the note was created by email, identifying my name but with a random email address, not my own.

  1. Should I be worried? I do hold some sensitive data in my evernote
  2. Is there a way to ensure notes can only be generated via my email address? I thought this was standard procedure.


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You cannot white/black list email addresses unfortunately. When someone knows (or guesses)  your Evernote address they can (ab)use this feature....
There is an option to reset the Evernote generated Email address.. 
But NEVER click on links in these notes.....

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Hmmn.  Anyone can send a note to your account if they know (or guess) the correct address,  so as @ArjenC suggests I certainly recommend that you change the address.  In fact Evernote has some detailed instructions about security which you might like to consider...



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