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(Archived) Team Use of a Database

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I like the concept of publishing a database, but unfortunately it looks like the view of a published database via the URL link is not as extensive as a private database. I have a partner that I would like to be able to completely share a database with, and thus would like to know if there is a concept of multiple people having access to a database. In other words, rather than "publishing" a database and the resulting limited view, can I share a database with a designated user(s)?

I suppose we could both log into the same account, but then we couldn't maintain private databases within that account, and using multiple accounts seems cumbersome.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, David

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We plan to offer "read-only" sharing in the next few months, which will let you send a special notebook link to one or more email addresses. Those people will be able to see something like the current "public notebook" view, but you'll have control and can cancel their access later. (In the short term, you could always just choose a public notebook URL with a complicated notebook identifier, and only give that link out to your collaborators ... there's no central repository of public notebooks, so if you don't give your URL to anyone, then no one will see your public notebook.)

Multi-user collaboration with reading and writing notes is a bit more involved, but it's in our long-term plans.

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Any idea of when multi-user collaboration will be possible? One thing keeping my group of students from switching from OneNote to EverNote is the ability to work on a shared notebook of notes, something OneNote is able to perform.

That's going to be a ways out ... months, not weeks.

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Another vote for note and/or notebook collaboration between users.

It would be helpful if I could make selected notes and/or notebooks shared with individual Evernote users.

For example, sharing notes with my wife on household projects, she and I both can edit the notes and those changes are synced to our Evernote clients.

I see from other forum posts that you are planning this for next year, just wanted to voice my want for this feature.

Thanks for your great work!

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I'll add a vote as well.

I recently showed Evernote to my wife and she is very excited about it. We plan to use it in our house hunting. That said, I think it's likely that we'll both have a lot of notes and notebooks, most of which we'd like to keep separate to reduce clutter (even more important when using the iPhone app).

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