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Praise for new Android app

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Wanted to give a shout-out to the Evernote team for the new Android app. I will be the first to acknowledge that I'm not nearly as much of an Android power user as I am on the desktop (Mac Version), which has comparably been a painful and frustrating experience with the new version.

Android v10, with the recent updates, is easy to navigate, quick to create notes, and my beloved widgets are back!

I've been shopping alternatives to Evernote for a couple of months now and haven't found something that hits all the high notes (including, unfortunately, Evernote). But with the new Android version, I'm planning to stick around on the basic version and see how this version-10 experiment pans out over 2021. 

Still not worth $80/year, and hasn't been for a while, but this 10+ year Evernoter is sticking with the elephant thanks to the great new Android release.

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8 hours ago, Alex Kwan said:

if one rely on the reminder system as productivity tool, the 10.5 version is a disaster.

I agree, as I'm very annoyed that the app now ignores my Android regional format settings! There's no 24th or 30th month on the calendar…

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