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I can't remove toolbar?

Will Moreira


My screen is small and I like to read big letters.

I can not remove this toolbar?

And worse, if I zoom (Ctrl + = ) the toolbar also increases, what is the point?

The solution I found doesn't work:
Tip: To hide the toolbar completely, use Customize Toolbar to disable all buttons.
This button does not appear.

Can someone help me?

I'm not a premium user.


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13 minutes ago, John in Michigan USA said:

Thanks. I still use version 6.25 so I can't reproduce your problem myself. Perhaps someone else can help. Worst case, consider using an older version of Evernote

Much better. Thanks for help!

Much easier to read my summaries now.

I hope this problem will be resolved in the latest versions. For notebooks space for reading is required.

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