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I bought a new MacBook with the M1 chip. Install required the Rosetta Intel compatibility library. Will you be releasing a version of Evernote compiled for the M1 chip, which is the same as in the iPad/iPhone.

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@TGG I have not seen any indication about plans for M1version of the app.... but I am running Evernote v10 on Macbook Air M1 and Mac Mini M1, and it runs very fast with no complaints at all about speed.  Therefore, while there are still a number of features missing in this v10 app, I hope they are not devoting resources to making this faster on M1, as speed is not an issue with the Intel-based app.

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There will not be a native EN M1 app - because this is not the concept of EN v10.

EN v10 is based on a framework, that handles the OS relation. The app is nested into the framework. Thus EN will become M1- native when the framework is becoming native. Since „nativity“ in case of Apple apps means the app has code for both environments, and decides on installing which to activate, I think one will not even notice a difference when switching from a Rosetta-enabled to the native version.

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