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Smart filing no longer working


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Same thing here--when I save a note, it just goes to my "Main Notebook".  Before this week, it would almost always place the note in the correct notebook for the subject matter--I very seldom had to move it to another notebook.  What has changed?  

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I contacted Support several days ago. Part of the response was "As it happens, it is expected the algorithms that power the smart filing feature won't be as accurate as a brand new account,...". My account started in 2008; I now have over 75K clippings. I am not clear as to how/why having lots of clippings would affect day-to-day current Smart filing by the clipper. Luckily, probably 90% of my clippings go to one Notebook, so I turned off Smart filing and set that one Notebook as the default. For those few that I clip each day that belong elsewhere, I simply do that manually.  Every now and then I will check to see if Smart filing is working again. This misdirection occurred once before (a year or two ago; I don't recall—maybe there's a record of it in past postings); the situation cleared up and Smart filing began to work again.

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smart sorting has not been working for me for a while now and finally out of frustration I started checking the forum and see others had this same issue but it's been resolved. Not resolved here though - both Safari and Chrome continue to "smart file" into the exact same notebook ("Archived 2013 to 2019" which makes this fun). I've tried on two different computers and same result.

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Over the last few years there have been periods when this was working correctly, and periods when it wasn't. I think this is a server issue at Evernote, but that's just a guess. What's not a guess is that their engineering and Q/A processes need a little improvement.

As of the last few weeks, it's back to working, at least for me.


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Same for me. Not working for months.

I currently use Evernote (10.13.4) Both Mac Intel and Intel Silicon 

Smart filling is  not working on Safari and Chrome with Web Clipper 

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It is such a shame

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