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Print one notebook

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Guessing this has been hashed out multiple times, however I can't find.

I simply want to print all notes from one notebook.

I see print for one note. But in the notebook section can't find a "print", just export.

Just point me to the proper discussion.



Mac OS 11.2.1

ENote 10.7.6


Many thanks. 


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15 minutes ago, lylegray said:

I simply want to print all notes from one notebook

If you were able to do that from your previous version of the app,  I'd suggest installing the Legacy version and trying there.  The new apps are still lacking a lot of functionality.

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The code is not back dated, it has the date when it was released. 

And it saves a lot of use cases, while v10 is gaining features from release to release. We will see how long it takes to catch up.

So WTF which version you are using - I am quite happy that legacy is an option.

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