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Deleted Evernote account on accident, how to get it back?

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Hello, I deleted my other Evernote account on accident.

And now I can't login with it or create new account with that same email.


Is there any way I can recover my account with that email address?

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9 hours ago, atek said:

I deleted my other Evernote account on accident.

What process did you use to "delete" your Evernote account?

If this is a simple password problem, there's a forgot password icon on the login screen721331044_ScreenShot2021-02-11at10_37_01.png.ec4ddb19ee09431add1823e31241dbef.png


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20 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

What I would do: Book Premium (can be done monthly), by this get access to support. Issue a support ticket - the sooner, the better.

Free users can't get support assistance?

Is there a way to contact Evernote through email? Thanks

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