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Evernote v10 on different versions of Android



So although the Beta version of v10 was usable on my Android 9 phone, the released version of ENv10 is not available for Android 9 OS, only the latest Abdrioid OS version.

What's the likelihood of EN for Android v10 becoming available for earlier Android versions?

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Hi, since EN10 is not being rolled out anymore even on Android 10 and 11 devices because of major issues even with 10.4 I think the roadmap for targeting older Android versions could be very very long term... Support has been asked by me several times over the last weeks and they have no information when EN10 will be available for all customers on Android 10+11 devices. I think for older OS we have to be very patient. 

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Alxa - Thanks for that information. I wasn't aware of that situation, but had noticed that things seemed to be quiet on the EN Android front.

It's a pity , I quite liked the v10 Beta that I trialled on my Android v9 phone. I guess it's not a major issue for me as I tend to do most of my EN use on the Windows desktop, using my phone largely as a capture device with the camera, or as a reference aide. And the Android "Legacy" version stil works.

Who knows - maybe by the time they've sorted the issues, I may have an Android phone with a newer OS? 😄

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