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Issues logging into the web client via chrome/firefox?

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Might be something cached. Experienced it today on a computer that always used firefox for Evernote.
Cleared Firefox cache and cookies, but the blank page after login still perisisted.
Then used Google Chrome that had not been used previously for Evernote and it was able to login okay.

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Workaround for me: went to Evernote via Internet Explorer. It promptly told me that my browser was too old, not supported, so gave me the option to load in classic/old/legacy view. Do that. Copy and paste the resulting hyperlink back into Chrome. I have access again in Chrome, but with the old view. Kinda like "safe mode" until this thing gets fixed.

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The issue happens on a Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 notebook using Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit).

BiXman's hack above using IE works for me too.

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Having the same issue on Chrome when accessed on my Chromebook. When I used Chrome on my work laptop it stalled but eventually the page loaded. I have not tried on any desktop. Tried a third party browser, and got the same problem. 

So I am just replaying to get notifications on the topic. 

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AFAIK the browser needs to be quite up to date; Chrome ver. 85 or above for example.

About the data wipe: The web client does not store data locally. There may be some data cached while you are using it, but the data lies on the EN server (where it should NOT be wiped). So IMHO there is nothing to loose regarding EN data.

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I experienced the same issue. The problem lies with the browsing cache. Simply clear the cache (not your browsing history!) and it should work fine. Before this fix, I tried out EN on the MS Edge browser and it worked fine so I figured the cache could be the problem in Chrome.

Have fun!

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I am experiencing the same situation here. I cannot log in to Evernote web, the page keeps saying "having trouble loading evernote". I have premium account and this is unacceptable. How can I fix this?


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