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Screen space, font, and the "leaving Evernote" warning.



Two things:

(A) I still hate the "new" format that has tons of wasted white space and a huge font. Screen real estate is precious, so why deliberately waste it? Maybe a solution is to allow users to set their own font size.

(B) PLEASE get rid of that damn warning that "you are leaving Evernote" whenever a user clicks a link! It's idiotic. Of course, we know that we're leaving Evernote -- that's what links are for. This warning did not appear on previous versions.

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I’m afraid fonts are not rendered correctly depending on which iPad you use. In my case, with an iPad Pro 2020 12.7 inches fonts o a note turn out to be too small to keep using it comfortably, so I’ve decided not to use it anymore until this issue is addressed.

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