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Duplicating a note does not copy over attachments

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When processing an email with multiple attachments, I sometimes find it useful to create a separate note for each attachment and continue to process / iterate on each note independent of the others. To do this, I would typically duplicate the source note, and then remove the attachments I don't need from the duplicate. I might create multiple such duplicates.

in the latest version of Evernote, however, duplicating a note doesn't seem to be copying over the attachments - which is causing me to do extra work to get my notes in order.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I'm using Evernote 10.7.6 on MacOS Catalina.


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I'm not a Mac user,  so this is just an observation - but it might be more efficient anyway to export all attachments to a note to the desktop and then duplicate as many times as necessary,  attaching files as required.

I also use an exported ENEX file as a template - double-clicking the file generates a new note in my account. Might be worth exporting the note to be duplicated and then repeatedly clicking the ENEX file to generate several additional copies.

It's also possible that a developer used the logic that in duplicating a note,  users would require the text but not any duplicated file attachments and coded the process to avoid wasting space...

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Just tried it on my Mac with several notes containing multiple pictures. EN 10.8.4, MacOS 11.2.1 .

The notes duplicated just fine, all attachments were copied to the new note.

If you have a problem, issue a support ticket. They can look into the activities log, maybe they find something.

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