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Hello, who is out there ? - Tracking by v10 app

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On my home network I run a Pi-Hole to log and suppress unwanted background traffic like trackers and ads.

When I call the EN app on iOS, I see this traffic that gets blocked (plus some more that passes through, going to Evernote and some Azure cloud sites, probably to sync data). They have the same time stamp as the EN request itself, so they are most likely caused by the app use. These don’t go through:

  • firebaselogging-pa.googleapis.com
  • kvinit-prod.api.kochava.com
  • control.kochava.com
  • api.iterable.com

Google is probably self explaining, they do what Google does - always, everywhere (Hi, my fellow Android users ...).

This is Kochavas self description (DuckDuckGo search engine):

Kochava: Mobile App Analytics & Mobile Attribution Platform

Kochava is the industry leader for mobile app attribution and mobile app analytics. Helping achieve measurable growth through mobile user acquisition research.

Here is what the self-description of „Iterable.com“ reads like:

Iterable - Cross-Channel Marketing Platform to Improve ...

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers you to create, optimize and measure every interaction across the entire customer journey. Request Demo. Marketing careers are not built on old technology.

Stopping traffic to these sites does nothing bad to the functioning of the app itself. So I think it is what it says: It is analytics, to see how the app is used. Whether it goes to EN itself, or whether it may be rooted in a code library used to build EN can’t be seen. It is quite common that the use of „free“ code libraries are „paid“ with user metadata. Then this analytics go to the owner of the code library, not to the apps developer.

This does NOT mean data owned by the user is passed on, this stays locked. But it means data about how users use an app are send.

When you are not running a DNS-blocker like the Pi-Hole, or use the app on a public / mobile network, tracking will happen every time you use the app.

😎 Oooops, did I now ruin promising marketing careers ?

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Do you know if these trackers are new to V10 or something that has been in place for awhile? Unfortunately I just assume that everything (even the stuff I pay for) is tracking me/sending my data to third parties so this doesn't really bother me. Given the confidence with which Ian Small has thrown out usage numbers for features I'm guessing that Evernote has always included this type of stuff so that they can track how people use EN, although with the new architecture (web based) maybe they switched to stuff that's easier to see via web requests.

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