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Search has stopped working on all devices

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I was receiving the error code listed in this thread yesterday. I upgraded my Iphone to latest version. Both app and phone are latest version. NOW the search just tells me nothing is found. I used the title of a note, I used words in a note and nothing. The search acts like it is looking but returns nothing.

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How can a respectable company release an update without a QA check? Alternatively, how can a QA check on a release fail to catch such a serious (and obvious) bug in its SEARCH function? Very disappointing!!!

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Did someone seriously purge the production search index instead of on their development server? Search isnt' working ANYWHERE... not even the website.

I feel for whatever engineer is responsible for this, but this is one of those unforgivable actions that calls for a change in leadership. I guarantee that with the number of people using the service for critical work, this is going to result in people dying because someone can't get to the information they need quickly enough.

Enough is enough!

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Search is broken again.

I can't find anything as long I am on the internet.

When I disable my connection I find stuff

That is on the iPad

The pre v10  Android version works like a treat!

Fix that s... software: 

  1. Search always locally on the device
  2. on top of that you can try cloud search




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Here's my thinking about why it takes so long.

They know the solution, but they saved it as a note in Evernote. Since Search is not working now the tech team is manually going through all their notes to find it. 

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This is too stupid. Been a Premium user since 2013, have 1710 notes, which are now impossible to search on ipad and iphone (and assumingly also on my Macs). It still works on my Windows work lap top, but as one of the core uses for my ipads (I have two sizes) is to use them as notebooks with Evernote, this really takes away my main purpose of Evernote. I exepect this to be sorted out quickly.......

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Well, this things happen...
Oh, It works now, great! Dear developers, please, make some user friendly message in such cases. When I search something and EN says "no such notes" instead of "sorry, server faces some search problems, please wait a bit...". In order not to confuse a user who knows that there are some notes matching his request. Thanks in advance!

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During yesterday's search problem, I wrote to the support chat (which I was counting on when switching to premium). But it was a chat with a bot! Paid chat with a bot! Ahaha. It's just incredible.
If this is read by one of the official representatives, in 2-3 years all users will leave you. You caused hatred among most of the community by the fact that you do not communicate with him in any way and do not solve many problems that appeared after the update. You killed the service.

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My apologies if this post should be placed elsewhere or if there is an active discussion /announcement that I missed (I did try to find one).

I'm interested in whether or not EN management intends to provide a public follow-up to the service outage that occurred yesterday.

I noted all the Premium users who were commenting in the tracking thread for the issue. These paying customer - include yours truly - essentially lost the application yesterday along with all of their stored objects for the duration of the outage. Some of these customer were dependent on the application to earn a living. And while, I'm not really interested in the back room issues that caused this specific outage, I am deeply concerned that this has exposed a critical flaw in the 10x architecture as it stands today. To organize the application so that the data store and the base code are local to the user, but migrate a critical function (search) to a remote data center with ZERO local fallback is an unacceptable / fatal application design issue, IMO.

Fortunately, my business and my well-being are not dependent on EN. And given what I experienced yesterday, there is no way in hell I would allow that to become the case currently.

Curious to find out what the EN organization has to say.

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It was down.

Now it is back on.

Personally I run desktop on legacy (which holds its own data base on the Mac/PC) and have my iOS data in offline notebooks. If the online connection has a problem, I switch over and am able to work. Maybe invest a little in your own measures if you depend that much on EN that even a few minutes or hours causes you headache.

It is no zero downtime service - most cloud based services are not. From my experience EN runs pretty stable, better than for example iCloud.

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In fairness to Evernote, they put out a notice on their server status page (https://status.evernote.com/) posted a warning on all Forum posts and announced the search outage on social media.  And still there were hundreds,  possibly thousands of users posting and presumably calling to query the situation. 

I'm not surprised support would 1) get overloaded,  and 2) try to weed out as many search-related calls as possible automatically, so agents could help users who had other issues.

I've used support many times as a subscriber,  and they've always been efficient and helpful - you get a ticket number by return of mail,  and a person will respond within a few days,  especially if you can explain your issue clearly and attach any necessary logs,  screen shots to the ticket. 

Not trying to unreasonably defend the company here,  but I have run a phone and chat support unit - and the bodies there are only human:  they'll do the best they can,  but a world-wide outage affecting millions of users is always going to be a little bit of a challenge...


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