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Mid bar goes away (notes' list that appears in between the sidebar and the note)



Since you changed the interface (version 10, I think), when you search for a note and click it, on your search bar, the mid bar disappears and the note becomes 2/3 of the screen. I don't understand this behaviour, but is not convenient. It used to show, in the mid bar, the notebook in which the note was contained —a lot more useful.

Is there a way fo switching this back to the old way? Can you make it possible? Or at least, how do I get back the mid bar easily? It just goes away, there's not even a shortcut or menu function to get it back.



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@e_miliano_on the web version, pressing the square with the arrows in it (the icon to the left of the notebook name) hides/shows the middle bar you’re talking about. In your image the bar is missing so pressing it should restore it.

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Thanks @Lemini, but this only makes the note go fullscreen.

The only way I've found to get the midbar back is pressing the notebook icon (next to the button you mention). This opens the midbar and gets you to the notebook. But the note changes to the first one in the notebook (not necessarily the one you're in).

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