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Evernote Legacy>Problem with format of Notes list

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Out of disgust with Evernote 10.x (one-to-many-times-finding-that-my-notes-were-not-available), I downgraded to Evernote 7.4.1 

Everything was fine, but then I did a clean install of Big Sur, thinking that all I would need to do was to fresh install the Evernote app and sync my notes.

But now the way my list of notes is displayed is much tighter (ie: less space between each row) and much less legible than it was in the past. I mostly use "Side List View" so I've got a list of notes within a selected Notebook, and then the note itself to the right of that. The Notes themselves appear correctly formatted.  I've looked in the preferences, but the only options for formatting there are for the Notes, not the list view.

How can I adjust the formatting of the list view?




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I am looking for the answer to this as well.

I recently upgraded to Big Sur and now the "list view" font in Evernote Legacy is much smaller with less space between line items.  As the user above notes, the view is now very "tight". 

Is there an update or setting that can be adjusted? 


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