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Spaces - not supported

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It seems that sharing on macs/ios does not support spaces: the only option is to svae things to a notebook.

Similarly with zapier - I want to creat a zap where  where a new record in an online database (ragic) creates a new space in evernote. because spaces appears not to be supported in zapier I cant do it.

Anmy solutions/ideas? am i missing something?

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A space is nothing else than access to a group of notebooks, packed together and given a name.

The logical entity is always the notebook. This where notes are kept. By design every note must belong to exactly one notebook. The notebook can be a shared one, a normal one, the trash etc.

A space defines only the logical access to notebooks. A space never „holds“ a note directly.

If you want a defined place for notes to show up, the logical thing is probably an import notebook. If you have several spaces, you can define several import notebooks and put each of them into the space where the import should show up.

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