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Show me an indicator ✔ when i visit already saved or clipped sites/pages - Evernote Browser Extension



Hello all,

simple question, imho big impact to productivity.

As a user,
i want to see an indicator ✔, when i visit already saved sites/pages,
because i dont want to loose these tiny, for all major browser standard feature, that helped me to save a huge amount of my lifetime.
(recognize past reasearches, prevent me double research, and also its the best option to prevent my evernote from unwanted duplicate entries)

Now the simple question:
Is there a way that a Evernote Browser Extension can solve this?

if there is no way, It should be clear, this tiny/standard/time saving feature will be lost.



Im using the chrome extension and most of the time i use the clip-format "articles", As i know, this extension has a read permission for all my URLs.
The only thing that i need from this extension

  • read the URL from my opened tab
  • search for this URL in my Evernote
  • and show me the result

If there is an other "conceptual" way to solve this, it would be great to hear about.


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Thanks gazumped.

could u please update the titel to a more informativ one? 
indicator ✔, when i visit already saved or clipped sites/pages - Evernote Browser Extension

I think my "User Story" is not that sophisticated as i only would love to see an indicator ✔
Thats really enough to save time, increase productivity and iimho user-experience (not only as a new user, like i am)

And maybe on top a quick link to the results, for situations .. i like to edit or see all my "already done" work.

On the other site, how many users are confronted with questions like

  • Have i already saved/clipped sites?
  • Should i save/clip them now, because i dont know it better?
    And now, play with your luck and dont be annoyed about wasted time, if you answer both questions with yes.

I can't believe this point is not covered or at least discussed. 

The Browser-Extension should be enabled, to compare URLs on a fast way, and give us an ✔ or nothing.
Dont know about evernotes data-model but... i´m sure, they can solve it like a pro.

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Hi.  I moved this to the feature request section since it's not currently possible to do this automatically in Evernote.  Other users may vote it up if they agree it's a useful idea.  Personally I doubt it's feasible on one simple basis - even if there was a check,  how do you know what you clipped last time?  Was it a bookmark or a quote or an image? And what if the content has changed since?

IMHO it's easier just to clip if you see something interesting.  When you next search for an item you might see more than one note - if there's a conflict,  just delete one.  The 'created date' in your note will tell you which is the most recent.  If you turn out to have a quote,  an image and a clip from the same site - just merge them together into one note.

-And if you build in more checks or searches,  it just gets slower to clip in the first place...

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3 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Sorry,  I can't do that - but you should be able to - click the three dots menu at top right of your post!


i'm sorry, it was too late maybe.. i swear the dot menu doesnt showed up an "edit" - but know its fine

Thank You

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