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48 minutes ago, asamuels said:

Using legacy version. Is there a fix coming?

If you're getting this message when using Legacy,  what happens with v10?  Have you tried uninstalling / restart / reinstalling?

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I have this problem too. I uninstalled Evernote, emptied the trash, and restarted my computer. The same thing happened again. What is the fix? (And what is this Legacy version of which you speak? I downloaded Evernote from the website.)

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Happens all the time to me on Big Sur, too. "Restart" does nothing. "Quit" does nothing. Just upgraded to latest version, still happens.

Seeking alternative software, at this point. Don't plan to pay Evernote once my current year runs out.

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To make sure an uninstall does not leave traces of an app on a Mac, I use the app AppCleaner (free). Both clients when cleanly installed work with BigSur. I would avoid the AppStore version and install from the EN web site.
To get support there is a support option build into all clients. A support ticket can be issued as well through the Evernote.com web site. For technical issues it is a Premium feature. 
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