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(Archived) Partnership Enquiry

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Couple weeks now since I used the web site enquiry form for a partnership suggestion. A little surprised at the lack of response since it involved circa 18000 new accounts but I live in hope.

Situation is my employer is looking for a method of keeping a very mobile workforce up to date on all company manuals, notices and memos each time they pass through the office. Idea is just sync and go. They are evaluating Google Cloud whatever that might be but I have suggested Evernote. Not sure how the technology might work but guessing the company would maintain it's Master Notebook and the employees would then sync to it, as well as having the option to create their own notebooks, and sync across all their clients. Different staff groups would need different Master Notebooks related to their job spec.

Not sure if it's even possible, but I would imagine the business would be a useful addition to the Evernote portfolio of services if it could be achieved. Let me know what you think and if it's possible then I can hook you up with the IT staff in the company. Annual turnover is £4 bn and the company is very IT capable.


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Well I thought it was a good suggestion for the Evernote business model. Shame nobody chose to respond to 3 different lines of enquiry. Guess Evernote has now reached that lofty corporate level of not having to communicate with its customers or reply to web forms submitted through it's own web site page. Probably a function of being so busy growing and diversifying the business. Pity though. I really thought the Evernote team were different. :)

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