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Evernote 10.4 jumping over next word

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Since updating the Evernote app, if I edit an existing note before an existing word (so not at the end), when I tap the space bar, the cursor jumps over the next word and starts typing after it. I have google keyboard and know there were issues in the past, but this one seems consistent.

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This bug has been reported before. I haven't seen Evernote acknowledge it, but it's been reported enough times that hopefully they've seen it and plan to fix it in the next version. In addition to other maddening bugs, such as the bug that deletes a word when you highlight a word and tap the shift key while using the Gboard keyboard.

The desktop app has been steadily improving the last few versions. I've been disappointed to not see the same improvement in the Android app (I've been using it since it was in beta), but I'm hopeful that changes soon.

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Yes, same here. I agree, extremely frustrating. 

There is nothing more basic to note taking than the ability to write plain text, but in my case it is sometimes even deleting the word the cursor jumps over making it near impossible to write anything like this. 

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I'm still on v10.4 of the Android app. I have not been aware of this issue so went to test.  I don't have a problem. The edits worked just as I would expect.

Evernote 10.4
Google Keyboard
OnePlus 8
Android 11 (OxygenOS

One of the challenges with Android apps is that problems can arise within the OS, the interaction between individual apps or with the specific app. Naturally we point the finger at the thing that changed last but it might be a more complex interaction. I recall that my keyboard was also updated recently as was my OS.  All about the same time coincidentally.

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I'm having this problem too. Very frustrating. I have Android version 10.4. Everytime I insert some typing within existing text and press the space bar, the cursor plays leapfrog and jumps to the point after the next word. I'll have to use EN's web version to avoid this glitch. Evernote techs, please fix asap! 🙏🏽🙂🙏🏽


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14 hours ago, Leah_73 said:

I'll have to use EN's web version to avoid this glitch.

I can't access Evernote Web on my device. The website says it isn't suitable for my device ;)

I don't know if the newer version 10.5 which is rolling out to those that have 10.4 will fix this issue.


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On iOS it won't open if the browser is registered as "mobile version".

When I hit the little AA-symbol left of the URL address field, I can ask for the desktop version of a web site. With this option, EN web client will open on an iPhone as well. It is not very good, but can be done if need be.

On the iPad since iPadOS the Safari browser is already set to desktop mode by default.

Maybe there is a similar option for Android.

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Guest matt12345

Same issue here running 10.5.1 on stock Android 11. I only noticed this starting to happen in the last couple of weeks when I've been using the app a lot so it's possible I just hadn't edited many notes on my phone for a while before that. Its extremely frustrating and annoying.

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Guest Brad b

Definitely frustrating. Having the same issue. Maybe we could all email evernote support at once to get some eyes on it...

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