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Web Version of Evernote Incredibly Slow



When I type, it takes so long for the cursor to catch up. It's really painful to type anything out. I'm using Chrome. I have the same issue on Firefox. The app seems to work fine. I'm using the free version. If I upgraded, would that make a difference? Can anyone assist? 

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I have the same problem. Mostly on Firefox, but somehow on Chrome also. This is a serious issue for usability, it's so slow that turns the service almost unusable.

I think that the Evernote dev team should give attention to this, but AFAIK they're not taking care of this. It's not problem of the last days, it came with the new version of the web version. Hope that more people will report the problem.

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Same problem here. It's been ongoing for at least a month. Dropbox has been a good alternative since my information stored in Evernote is now essentially unreachable online. Only a few months until my renewal, thank goodness, and I can downgrade to the free tier if web access is still unworkable.

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