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Downgraded from Premium to Basic, although I paid for the full year

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I paid for a 1 year membership in Jan 2021 and am now (2/5/2021) being downgraded to Basic. No idea way. I have a receipt that clearly states that I bought a 1 year membership. 

Now I can't even complain to Evernote, since they apparently avoid customers like the plaque. 

Any recommendations what my options are? 



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Simple - go to the web client, log in, click on your account name, choose account information, click on the little arrow to the right of your name in the far top right corner, select contact support.

You can issue a support ticket, with basic status only for account issues. So choose „account“ as ticket type, and describe your situation.

If you paid through an AppStore (iTunes and the like), you need to talk to them. EN support can’t resolve these cases.

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Was premium worth it???

I reviewed the features, and it looks like Business Class is what I will probably need, but I do not have my multi-million dollar corporation set up yet.

Does anybody use EN at work? And with all the gadgets that I read about, like ITFFF?

If anybody can get that all set up and running for a couple of hours straight I would be impressed. Make a great movie scene.

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12 hours ago, CyberHiker001 said:

it looks like Business Class is what I will probably need

The Basic account is really only for occasional light use.  Subscribing gets you much higher limits and a few useful extras like receiving email direct into the account and access to the Support team.  Plus it seems sensible to pay to support the company so it can stick around and continue to provide the service I use.

I have used my account daily for both personal and business tasks for 12 years or so - I'm up to 50,000+ notes.  I wouldn't consider a Business account - it's actually two accounts, one standard Premium for the individual,  and another in the name of a business,  accessible to all employees.  There's extra admin to allow different levels of access to different folders which I absolutely don't need.

If you want to continue to debate the differences please start a separate topic - this one is about the OP's payment issue.

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