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Single note opens upon Macbook startup everytime

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Each time I restart my Macbook I have Evernote startup as one of my default programs but it seems to open 1 particular note every time. It was annoying at first but now I am curious as to what steps I can do to potentially clear the cache of where the program thinks that needs to be opened always. I checked in 'Users & Groups' and the Evernote Application is set to startup (not-hidden). Would love any next steps or suggestions. If this is a known bug sorry for the repost as I searched and couldn't find any similar issue or answer.

It says I am up to date with Evernote 7.14


Love this tool.

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Hi.  Try closing the note and then exiting the app,  and restart it manually.  It seems to have saved the place at which it was last opened when you first set it to autostart...

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