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Asking for experiences: Does EN work well on Android dual screen phones? (LG Velvet, LG V60, LG G8X, Microsoft Surface Duo)

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does anyone use EN on a dual screen Android phone? I would love to hear your experiences if EN is able to take any advantage of the dual screens. The google apps (chrome, email etc) are well able to deal productively with dual screens, and dual screen support is officially integrated into Android. But many apps didn't invest the little time to copy paste a bit of code from the Google developer instructions into their app... So these are two basic Android features for dual screens that I would hope so much that they work with EN:

Feature 1. run EN across the full dual screen, such that half of the EN app appears on one screen, half of the EN app appears on the other screen. 

Feature 2. run EN in one screen only, but open the keyboard in the other screen. 

➞ Would you post 2 screenshots, so we see what you see on one and on the other screen?

Dual screen phones are:

-- LG G8X

-- LG V60

-- LG velvet

-- Microsoft Surface Duo

(have I left one out?)



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