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Evernote's Multilingual OCR

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I read through the help docs and I found the following about Evernote's OCR:


Currently, Evernote’s OCR system can index 28 typewritten languages and 11 handwritten languages. New languages are added regularly and existing languages are optimized and improved. Users can control which language is used when indexing their data by changing the Recognition Language setting in their account’s Personal Settings

Does anyone know if the OCR only works on the combination currently selected in your account or if it will remember past OCR scans? I took a look at the menu option in the settings and it seems that the only language options are English + X where x is the second language. I have notes that are in a variety of languages (Mandarin, Japanese, Korean) and so I'm wondering if I can select each language + english individually and have all of my docs OCR'd in the appropriate language, or if it rebuilds the OCR database from scratch when you switch and I'll only be able to have one additional language at a time.

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I was able to raise a ticket with Evernote support and they let me know that the OCR will only work on whatever is currently selected as the language in settings (meaning max you can have English + one other language). It seems that if you want to search for additional languages you have to OCR those PDFs/JPEGs before storing them in Evernote.

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