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Mail Forward to Evernote does not seem to work

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You're posting on a semi-pubic forum so I hope that's not actually your Evernote email address.  If it is please edit it out of your post unless you wish to fill up your account with spam and malware.

This is also a -mainly- user-supported forum and we have no access to your account.  Please try the email without any subject line changes - simply forward an existing email to your account address - and search your account a little while later for any keywords from the email.  It should be in your default Notebook.

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21 minutes ago, Philippe Petit @ Versaille said:

Apparently, I have received my emails in my IOS client but I cannot seem to find them in my Windows client

The master version of our data is maintained on the servers      
Check for the missing notes at the server level using the web platform

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