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Bug: 10.7.6: cannot change (modify) reminder setting (incl. workaround)

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Update/Workaround: the app doesn't freeze - I can close the main window and then after calling e. g. menu item "create new notebook" the main window is back incl. the "change reminder settings" dialog.

see this problem more and more, cannot change existing reminders, I can see a white box (this seems to be the reminders setting dialog window) and a never-ending circling green circle, nothing happens any more - I've to quit the app and after re-start I can change the reminder; until the next time seeing the problem...

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  • stocky2605 changed the title to Bug: 10.7.6: cannot change (modify) reminder setting (incl. workaround)

I'm experiencing the exact same problem since weeks and haven't found a solution. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and restarted my computer in between, didn't help. It's driving me nuts and I'll have to look for another software if this doesn't change, since I need the reminder functionality. 

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