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How to Permanently Disconnect desktop Evernote from the Web?

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I've been a longtime paying user of Evernote. Like everyone, I'm busy and haven't had time to keep up with all of the developments here.

In fact, I have been really confused. The version I use on my home computer is PERFECT in every way for my purposes. Whenever I check the Update button, it assures me I have the latest version.

Meanwhile, the versions I have on my work laptop and phone have been degrading - missing features I have on home computer, getting slower... I didn't understand until finally unravelling this mess today.

So what I'm gathering is that there's not one Evernote app for Windows, there are two (at least). The one that is perfect for my purposes is the legacy 6.25 app. I found the link where I can download it.

Here's my question, given the unknowns around how long Evernote will support it... how can I completely and permanently disconnect it from the web. I love the sync feature and everything else about the online connection (sync w phone, web clipper, etc...) -- but what matters far more is the usability, speed, and reliability of that version.

The new version has been nothing but unpredictable. After the latest update, I couldn't even bold or italicize text. Plus apparently there are all sorts of features from the legacy version that aren't there and may never return.

So my question is this - is there any way I can just run the version that works, without any chance of it getting updated or having it stop working due to some online interaction or check-in? Or is that impossible due to the need to login? Can I login, then somehow disconnect. For good?

I've given the latest version more than enough of a chance... not up for the ride. But love love love the old version.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


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22 hours ago, BendingRiver said:

is there any way I can just run the version that works, without any chance of it getting updated

Hi.  In Evernote go to Tools > Options > General and untick all the 'check for update' options.  That's not a guarantee you'll be able to continue indefinitely - Evernote could probably still force an update,  and could certainly stop the older versions from syncing if they wish.  But that won't happen anytime soon.  I'm currently continuing to work on 6.25 on the same basis.  The new versions are being improved,  and -hopefully- will be worth using in a few months when I'll consider looking at the situation again. 

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AFAIK the app will always try to connect to „home“ when the computer is online. There is no switch in the app to stop it to contact the EN server. So probably the only way to cut it a local Firewall program that blocks all connection attempts. This will however stop syncing content to and from the server as well.

IMHO this will do no good in the long run: Server based actions like OCR will not happen, and there is not automatic backup by syncing of changes to the server.

If the „do not update“ setting will always work, nobody knows.

The ultimate point to switch will be when EN announces that legacy will stop to work, or an OS change will render it useless. I am mostly on legacy as well and don’t expect this any time soon.

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23 hours ago, BendingRiver said:

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

Stick with 6.25.1 until it sunsets or EN adds back the features you need.  Evaluate alternatives when 6.25.1 sunsets if V10 at that timed does not meet your needs.  

You could use 6.25.1 after it is sunsets should EN turn off syncing to 6.25.1.  At least until your device dies in any case.  You would lose syncing and backup and the like.  Juice may not be worth the squeeze.  Just be sure to not log out and add a firewall rule to block access.  It would be like being on a perpetual trip to a land without Internet.  Below might help with the firewall rule.  🤷‍♂️


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Thanks everyone for the tips and ideas.

I did install the legacy version today on my work laptop and it was so nice to have things working as expected .

My favorite feature, especially for work, is the simple right click in the task bar Evernote icon to get a screenshot. I think the screenshot is there in the new version somewhere but I already have a zillion keyboard shortcuts to keep track of.

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