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Red squiggly line says I spelled a word wrong

Bug 1:

Double-click it to select it (out of habit) then right-click ... weirdly Evernote reads this as a triple-click and selects the whole paragraph.

Bug 2:

Double-click it to select it (out of habit), wait more than I should, then right-click... I get a contextual menu but NO spelling replacement option

ONLY if I hover-over-the-word then right-click does the correct contextual menu appear, the same one as before but with the correct replacement spelling option selectable.

Also, if anyone at Evernote is reading this, I'd like to remind you of this still-outstanding bug: 

I've never encountered an app with this poorly thought out UX and bugs. For the last year these have all been beta versions, in my opinion, and Evernote gets in my way and screws up my thinking at least as much as it helps.

I partially am holding out hope the app finds itself again (doubtful) while I continue to ween myself from it. I want to like you, Evernote, but you treat me so badly.


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