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Evernote v10.7 - Using Cmd+Shift+J to quickly switch notebooks...



One of the new features in Evernote 10.7 is a keyboard shortcut for Cmd+Shift+J, which takes you "All Notes" and opens the Filter menu with the tag search activated...  While I am not a big "tagger", this is interesting and does provide somewhat of a workaround for the difficulty switching Notebooks in v10.  

One of my biggest complaints has been the removal of the dropdown at the top of every note list to easily switch to a different Notebook.  I am hopeful that the coming feature for Cmd+J will solve this feature, but I am concerned since the "coming soon" references using that to switch to a different note.  Therefore, I fear that will end up just being another version of the quick search results, which really doesn't help when trying to switch notebooks.  Often I have keywords in a lot of notes that are similar to a word in a notebook I am trying to find, so the search box usually doesn't even show the notebook I am trying to switch to.

Recently I have been hitting Cmd+Option+4 to go to the Notebook list and search for the one I want... however, I find that keyboard shortcut doesn't really come naturally.

I like that Cmd+Shift+J takes you to all notes, and you can escape out of the tag filter, then tab to the Notebook filter.... it would be great if they provide a preference setting for whether you want this to filter tags or notebooks. 

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I am with you on HATING the removal of the drop down to quickly switch notebooks. It's making my huge daily use of Evernote almost impossible now. I have many many notebooks and am used to very quickly switching among them as I add content.


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EN by design is organizing by tags, less so by notebooks. If you mimic the way a file system is working, you have only one hierarchy to follow. 

If you „need“ a lot of notebooks currently, I am sure switching to tags would not only eliminate most of the notebooks. It would allow for a better organization and access as well.

Personally I don’t expect EN to invest a lot of dev time into an improved notebook handling. With a good setup using the EN tools, it is working as it is.

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