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Widget for Android 10.4 - how to change appearance

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I've activated the widgets for Android using v10.4.

However there doesn't appear to be any way to style the widget/action bar. I would be happy with the way it looked before. However, the the new version looks terrible and matches nothing else (green icons on a bright white background with almost unreadable grey text). Is there any way to change this ?

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At least they added the Widgets back with a recent update to v10.  All that was there initially was a link to the app.  

Problem now is you used to be able to select a Notebook for which to create a new note using an Evernote action widget.  I don't see that as an option anymore.  I want my notes created with a widget to go into a specific notebook - otherwise I have to go in manually later on and move them all.

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Guest KD4PEO

I had one whole page on my Android phone set up with icons set to put things in specific folders. None of that works anymore. Even worse the auto can't find a whole white paper receipt on a matte black background and only catches some of it. This is not working for me. I need another solution for my work and journals. I have been with Evernote more than 10 years. 

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