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Anyone on an iOS device with LIDAR, does it help for scanning documents?

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Whilst I don't have one of those devices, I don't believe it will have any impact on the scanning quality or speed. LIDAR is all to do with distance and depth measurements so scanning a picture, document, whiteboard etc is scanning a flat surface. Those devices with LIDAR capabilities tend to be newer and have faster processors so I suppose that and the newer camera optics will be the only influences on speed and quality of the scans.

I have to say that the scanning inside the Evernote app is a heck of a lot faster than it was before. I think they've done a lot of work under the hood.

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No effect. LIDAR is for 3D - documents are flat.

What I found to be very helpful is the 2x lens on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It can't be selected in all scanner apps, some have the option. When I scan I place the document on a table. With the standard (wide angle) lens I often cast a shadow from the same iPhone that does the scan. With 2x this does not happen, because the iPhone is farther away.

In my case it is ScannerPro from readdle that allows to switch lenses (plus many more features). The build in scanner of the EN iOS client, and Scannable do not offer this feature.

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