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How do most of you conduct searches in Evernote?

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Just wondering how most users do it.  In v10 I find it works best by going to "filter" and then simply selecting the tag, notebook and what it contains.  This is pretty seamless.  In v6.25 which I use most of the time the searches seem a little more cumbersome.  Usually I actually use search queries such as "intitle: tag:XXX" or sometimes I go to the list of tags and highlight all the relevant ones manually to search more than one tag.  I am finding the search to be easier in v10 even though this version is missing a lot of things that I like.

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7 hours ago, stocky2605 said:

what exactly is your request in this request forum?

Sorry, I didn't realize that this was a section that dealt with requests.  Sometimes I have a hard time navigating these forums.  In the old days the forum was simply divided into 3 or 4 platform subdivisions and there would be hundreds of daily posts.  Any question would be immediately answered by a dozen users.  I used to check in on the posts on a daily basis and the forums became the single greatest way to learn how to maximize Evernote.  Now it appears to be more gripes and requests, and less sharing and learning.

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38 minutes ago, idoc said:

Sorry, I didn't realize that this was a section that dealt with requests. 

No problem.  The discussion has been moved to the General Discussion forum

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